Kenley's Farm Fresh Eggs

Some parents teach their kids money management… I took this egg-selling business opportunity to teach Kenley marketing and homesteading. Money management is a sweet little bonus.

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First, a Logo

Kenley was three years old when she drew a picture of a chicken. We didn’t have chickens nor were we intending to ever have them, none of her TV shows were about chickens… I have no idea where her inspiration came from but I fell in love with this little character she sketched so I saved it.

Second, the Branding

Now at the age of 5, Kenley is operating her own little business. As of right now she wants to be a “Designer Mommy Princess” when she grows up. She already has two of those titles down with this perfect first lesson for her on logo/branding design and marketing. Kenley’s happy customers enjoy her 3-year-old chicken sketch and 5-year-old handwriting which can be found on the cartons, thank you notes and the eggs.

Quality Product and Service

With a little help from her mama, Kenley takes great care of her flock and educates others on the different breeds and how she cares for them. Supplements like “probiotics” and “nutri-drench” are a regular part of her conversations. She gets home from school and collects the eggs, lets the chickens free-range all day and takes out the table scraps as treats. Once she does all her fun stamping, she delivers. She makes sure her customers know how long these eggs are good out on the counter and how to clean them before consuming them. Before you think it’s cute and agree to be a customer, just be warned - she’s got the hustlin’ part of the business down, too.

Follow Along

You can follow Kenley’s side hustle along with our homestead journey on Facebook and Instagram.