Fully Alive

The day Susie Larson called, I was smiling ear-to-ear with joy and disbelief, also, I honestly felt a bit inadequate for the task she had asked of me. Creating designs that would be published inside her next book. The majority of Susie’s followers span through many generations, my mom and I both are included. And those that look to her for prayer, advice, encouragement would be looking at these designs, printing them, cutting them out, hanging them on their mirror, folding it in their Bibles and holding tightly to the words to bring them closer to their Heavenly Father. I mean, no pressure, right?

Putting together a creative brief for the project, I kept dreaming up handwritten fonts with a very raw and personal style before I even read the Fully Alive manuscript. Once she sent it to me, I was barely in the Introduction of the book when I read, “PPS: I’ve never written a more raw book. I’ve emptied my pockets for this one.” It’s crazy how words are powerful and are planted to make God’s vision come together.

Fully Alive by Susie Larson is available for purchase at your local book store. This book is all about healing and brings hope to those who may be suffering with chronic illnesses.

Online Marketing

After completing the designs for the Fully Alive book, we moved on to online marketing. If you know Susie personally, you know she’s adventurous. Between the images, the quotes and the typefaces, these images reflect Susie’s heart in so many ways. These images are on the Susie Larson website and can be downloaded for you to print or save as a desktop background on your mobile phone.