Summer Style

In previous summers, I always had a fold-out in the back of the Activities Guide that gave me the freedom to design a full-color ad with a large amount of space to work in a full calendar of the events. After costs of the fold-out went up our budget was shifted, leaving me to use the inside pages of the guide to work with… which then limited me to 2-colors.

After mourning the loss of my valuable CMYK that I took for granted, I decided to run with the 2-colors. Vintage, newspaper, halftone, duotone… some of my favorite styles.

After the Activities Guide is published and delivered to all residents of Plymouth, I had a couple of the larger concerts to design posters for. I'm not sure if there has ever been anything more fun than "Beatles cover band poster design" on my to-do list. I surely did not abandon the style above. The vintage, newspaper, halftone, duotone is here to stay.


2-colors - might be deceiving. When working in InDesign, I mix two pantones to make different shades. For summer, I want bright, bold colors; I chose blue and orange (I started this project the first week in January so I pretty much subconsciously predicted the 2016 Super Bowl). Mixing these two colors gave me some shades of tans, browns and even some pops of green. I always try to stretch those limited inks as far as they can go.