A Handlettered Christmas

Each year, I go all out for our Christmas cards. First, I include a designed scripture print which is a simple and easy opportunity to glorify God for the gifts He has given me. And secondly, because we are guarded with photos of our daughter on the internet, I like to make our Christmas card count.


The verse I choose each year is carefully selected. The previous year had been something I personally held on to and wanted to be reminded of over and over again. It was something that comforted me amongst the overly repeated tragedies of last year and in some losses in our personal life. This year, I chose 2 Corinthians 12:9. There are two parts of this verse that go hand-in-hand, so I chose to do a folded card with reversed type. It turned out rather dreamy. I worked the text in Illustrator to customize the typography, then brought the text into Photoshop to add the drop shadow effect.


Kenley and I went out and spontaneously enjoyed the Minnesota nature, in which I captured some great photos of her. The style from that photo shoot was matched with a photographer to get all three of us together.

A Personal Touch

Everyone seemed to think I was crazy for taking the time to do this, but it was the perfect activity for an introvert after a busy day. I handlettered each envelope using a Lettermate and a Kuretake brush pen. You could call this "therapy" it was so good for the soul. I am proud of how my lettering has improved over the last couple years. The practice has certainly paid off.

Below are more photos that I would love to share and wouldn't fit on the card. You know how it is.