The Princess Book

This project all began with the idea of Kenley (age 3) and I making something together to celebrate Tyson's role in our family for his birthday.

My inspiration came from a very special children's book that is read on a weekly basis in our home called "Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs?". It is about a young girl and her daddy enjoying a day together. Throughout the book, the girl asks her daddy questions and he sweetly responds. It's really cute, I highly recommend it.


Over the 4th of July, our family took a road trip to Duluth and stayed in a quaint, charming home on the beach where Tyson had proposed seven years ago. We made so many perfect 'Minnesota summer' memories hiking and fishing which was all captured in photos. From there, I took on this creative project of recreating Kenley's favorite book with a more personal touch.

First, I had Kenley trace the alphabet - good practice for her and adorable material for me to work with. Then I brought each of her letters in Illustrator and created a font out of her handwriting. After sifting through the best photos of the trip, I created a photo album of Tyson and Kenley that they will be able to share together as a keepsake. This book is already so cherished between the three of us and definitely will be in the future as her handwriting improves.

On a separate note, the joy this 3 year old has with experiencing simple adventures is incredibly inspiring.