Jans Michael

When you're a graphic designer and your best friends (and family) have their first baby, you have a full pregnancy worth of designs to welcome the bundle into the world. Starting with...

Pregnancy Announcement

Luckily for everyone that knows him, Ashton is a carpenter so we were able to trade some talents while we were finishing our lower level. 

Baby Shower Invitations

Ashton and Whitney found out they were having a BOY! One thing about the Jenkins family, we are a fairly wild bunch (especially the men). As this little guy's Auntie, I want to proclaim this wild factor into his soul. 

The baby shower then carried the wild theme with hand lettering. Not my specialty, however, I do enjoy trying.

His Nest

Right above Jans' crib, these metal prints will be mounted on a rustic pallet wall. It is not complete yet, but I assure you I will post a photo on my twitter when it is finished.

January 11, the world became a better place as my nephew was born.