Personalized Decor

I’ll admit that if we would have finished our lower level before Pinterest, it would have been a lot simpler and a lot less expensive. However, we live in a Pinterest world and rustic, reclaimed wood, Edison bulb fixtures and industrial-styled furniture was on our brain throughout the entire process.


Sidebar: A huge pat-on-the-back to my husband. Even though we hired a couple of our favorite professionals, my husband was very involved with the majority of the process; measuring the spaces, framing, plumbing, mechanical, sheetrock, mudding, taping, ceiling, painting, and tiling. Everything came together so perfectly and has so much character; it will make it a very difficult decision to move someday.


So going back to Pinterest, there are so many cute ideas to add your family’s special dates to décor in the home (birthdates, anniversaries, etc.). This is what inspired me to create this piece for our new living room, one-color charcoal gray printed on a galvanized sheet of metal. Because we spent our honeymoon relaxing and sippin’ coffee in Hawaii, I designed a Kona Coffee shipping invoice. Subtly hidden within the design is the year we started dating, our anniversary date, the resort we had the privilege to stay at on our honeymoon and our daughter’s birth date. In the Note Section: “This morning, with her, having coffee.” – A response from Johnny Cash when asked his definition of paradise.