A Merry Little Christmas.

Designing for myself is the best. I always find it a little bit more challenging because I want to implement all the ideas that I had loved that might not have fit for projects throughout the year. Which is part of the reason why I always do our Christmas card and include a print with scripture as well so that I get to design two pieces in one envelope. Here are those two designs for Christmas 2015 from the Jenkins family.

The three of us make one coffee-loving family, yes, including the 2 year old.

This past year had some downs. I am blessed to say it wasn't my family that was directly effected. Even so, there has been some sadness for our world, for a friend who lost her life to cancer, to friends going through health battles and job losses, etc. This verse spoke truth to my heartache and that is the reason this was selected as our Christmas verse. It was impossible to pair the text with any graphic, I did not want to take away an ounce of power away from these words.