Wayzata Parks & Trails Map

Wayzata, Minnesota is a gorgeous city.

There is such a great balance of updated development all the while it still remains authentic to its history. Lake Street has a beautiful view of sailboats on Wayzata Bay with charming shops, quaint cafes, and restaurants to enjoy. Though small in size, this city has so much character to portray into one design.

My Vision

After working for a landscape architect firm in the heart of Minneapolis years ago, I am still tightly holding onto the appreciation of a master plan. Because I knew nothing about landscape architecture, part of my job there was to design the layout around the master plans--but to me, the master plan in itself was a design. A master plan typically has beautiful watercolor drawings/sketches to portray a vision of what could someday be built.

Because Wayzata is a smaller city than the Plymouth Parks & Trails Map I had designed, I felt the opportunity was given to add so much more detail. Much like a master plan.

  • To begin the project, I took the PDF (left) as a starting point and retraced all the roads, lakes, parks, and trails in Illustrator (right).

The amenities chart is designed with icons to add more visual appeal, accompanied by a panoramic photograph of the beautiful Lake Minnetonka that spreads from edge to edge of the brochure. I popped the blue and gold color scheme straight out of the Wayzata logo. To portray Wayzata's character, I used a linen background but also wanted illustrate a contemporary style, so I selected a pair of clean and crisp san-serif fonts. 

I wouldn't mind making a map for every single Minnesota city... and beyond.